After Effects FreeFrame Host Plugin

Frame Runner allows you to use the 300+ available FreeFrame video plugins inside After Effects


  • Compatible with After Effects 6.5, 7.0, 8.0 (CS3), and 9.0 (CS4)
  • Supports multi-layer FreeFrame effects
  • Two modes of alpha channel processing
  • All FreeFrame controls can be keyframed
  • No limit to how many effects can be loaded
  • Tested with over 300 FreeFrame plugins

After Effects CS5 64-bit Compatibility

After Effects 10.0 (CS5) is 64-bit only and is incompatible with the current version of FrameRunner and all FreeFrame 1.0 plugins, which are 32-bit programs.

We are planning development of a 64-bit version of FrameRunner that will be compatible with After Effects CS5 while maintaining the ability to use legacy 32-bit FreeFrame plugins.

For now, the price of FrameRunner has been temporarilly reduced to just £15 until the 64-bit version is released.

Buying the current version at the reduced price will entitle you to a free upgrade to the 64-bit version when it is released.

Download FrameRunner 1.1 Now


Window Forest by Ray-V
Window Forest #1 by Ray-V

Window Forest #2 by Ray-V